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Tough Start: How a 5-month old Fargo baby is fighting for her life

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FARGO -- A tiny Fargo girl is fighting for a normal life after a very tough first three months of life.

Kenna Randall is a 5-month old girl that suffered a stroke shortly after her premature birth.

SInce then she's suffered brain damage, and spent many of her early days in the ICU.

She's doing much better now, thanks to therapy and medical procedures.

He mother, Cassie, needed to quit her job to care for Kenna.

Even though the baby has been dealt a bad hand, her proud father is optimistic about the future.

"Your story isn't written. It can always change. Kenna's started out bad, but it's changing for the better. A story is never done, you can always change it," said Kenna's father, Jeff Randall.

You can help cover Kenna's medical costs through a GoFundMe HERE.