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Memorial motorcycle ride held Sunday to remember local woman

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FARGO -- The memory of a young woman who died doing what she loved is being remembered in the motorcycle community Sunday.

"Flood of memories of Danika coming in today, wish she could be here," said Cyndi Woeck, Danika's mom.

Family, friends and complete strangers are keeping the memory of Danika Murphy alive by doing what she loved.

"Thank you all so much for coming, to remember our daughter, her name will not be forgotten," said Cyndi.

Danika died on April 11th, when her motorcycle collided with a semi while merging onto I-94.

Her magnetic personality, even still, is pulling people together like Dawn Mertz, one of the flight paramedics who desperatley tried to save Danika's life.

"In the very short that I had her, she made a huge impact on my partner and my lives, and I will never ever forget her," said Mertz.

At only 26-years-old, she made a lasting impression on those she met.

"Danika was one I remember, very unique in many ways," said Paul Lenzmeier, Danika's motorcycle coach.

Lenzmeier sees hundreds of students each year, but Danika stood out, which is why he helped organize this memorial ride.

"If Danika were with us now, I think she'd want nothing more than to be a part of the ride," said Lenzmeier.

Waves of love tied with Danika's favorite color purple, are helping to ease the pain.

"I know she's watching us, and it's somewhat comforting to know that," said Cyndi.

Her father Rich takes comfort knowing there was nothting between them left unsaid, but a lot left undone.

"She promised me a, daddy daughter dance. and I'm kinda mad, that I don't get that," said Rich.

She was an inexperienced biker, but her mother Cyndi says Danika's love and excitement for the feeling was contagious.

"She was really excited, we were going to rides together this summer. I was going to get my license, and that was kind of things we were looking forward to," said Cyndi.

Her memory lives on.

"The more we talk about her, the more she's here with us, and I never want to stop talking about her," said Rich.

Her family knowing she is there, riding among them, as hundreds embark on a 115 mile memorial ride.

Danika's family says the Ride to Remember was a massive success, with hundreds in attendance.

They hope to do another memorial ride next year.