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Rivals band together to remember Jaynie Halvorson

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HAWLEY, Minn.—The tragic death of a Barnesville woman has led to a touching tribute throughout our region.

Jaynie Halvorson passed away in a car crash Tuesday morning near Hawley.

The occupational therapist worked in many of the Heart O' Lakes schools in our region.

Though many are thinking about how she left this world, it's clear she'll be remembered by who she touched while here.

Come tipoff time, two colors divide, but this night one color unites, reminding fans of the life of Jaynie Halvorson.

Halvorson wore many hats in her life; basketball player, then coach and therapist.

No matter what hat she wore, those who know her say she touched lives along the way.

"You just knew when you met her your day was going to be a little better," said Mike Martin, Principal, Hawley High School.

Her longtime teacher and coach remembers the kind-hearted kid who grew up in Barnesville.

"The words I'd come up with won't do it. If you knew her, you loved her," said Joe O'Keefe, Former Coach.

A love easy to see by the sea of purple at this DGF Hawley basketball game.

The surrounding communities are banding together, clad in Halvorson's favorite; Trojan Purple.

"We're supposed to be rivals but communities look out for communities," said O'Keefe.

Each purple shirt, jacket, hat, a tribute to Halvorson, and an aching Barnesville.

"I'm proud to see all the people coming together. This is a time a lot of people need support," said O'Keefe.

On this night, two colors face off, while one color unites, in remembrance.

Several other Heart O'Lakes schools also urged their fans to don purple in support of Barnesville.

To donate to the memorial fund yet up for the young mother, click here