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Repairmen keep busy with furnace fixes

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FARGO—Furnace repair companies are putting in overtime this week.

One has had as many as 600 calls for furnace fixes since Monday with 200 calls alone in the last 48 hours.

One repairmen says it really isn't the cold that kills the furnaces, it's the constant use during the winter months.

One Fargo family says they resorted to 'pioneer methods' to stay warm.

Flames are keeping the holiday cheer alive a little longer.

"I'm grateful we have a fireplace because if they can't get to us, we would be really really cold without it," said Dayna Del Val, Homeowner.

Dayna Del Val and Mazz Marry know their fireplace has also been a saving grace after their furnace broke.

"I knew something wasn't right," said Dayna.

Dayna woke up in the middle of the night and could smell something burning coming from the vents, and that's when she realized there was a problem with her furnace.

So they resorted a 'colonial method' waiting, in the cold, for their dead furnace to be revived.

"It's just one of those nice things that's a part of the house. We'll have some real appreciation when it comes back, that's for sure," said Dayna.

10 hours later, help came in the form of a handyman.

Keith from Home and Heating has fixed up to eight furnaces everyday this week.

"I have spent a lot of winters wondering about my pioneer great grandparents and the types of winter mornings. I realized that in an insulated house in 2017, we aren't waking up to those temperatures. But it was a pretty good reminder of just how cold it gets without immediate heat," said Dayna.

One unfortunate event later, bringing one couple back to the somewhat 'pioneer' roots.

As a word of recommendation, repairman say you should get your furnace checked once a year.