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Internet scam creates 'emotional need'

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FARGO—What seems like an innocent call to a tech support company, could infect your computer.

You might see alerts from tech support companies saying your computer may be infected.

The Better Business Bureau says it's all scare tactics.

"When we're having trouble with our technology we kind of panic a little bit - part of the science of scams is creating that emotional need," said Heather Aal, Better Business Bureau.

Tech support scams usually start with a pop-up.

It could say a virus was detected, prompting you to call a number to fix it.

This is how they get your information.

Heather Aal sees these kind of scams happen every day, and it's not just grandma who falls for them.

"We know it's out there, 'but 'it'll never happen to us', ' we're smarter than that' - and unfortunately we find the people who lose the most amount of money are educated, fairly financially stable people. They just trust," said Aal.

Microsoft reports 12,000 complaints every month worldwide.

They say Millennials are most likely to fall for it.

If you see these screens, Heather says the best thing to do is close your internet browser.

It should silence the alert and keep your information safe.

The Better Business Bureau also recommends keeping a close eye on your bank account and phone bill if these alerts pop up.